Owen Shepherds 3d game art portfolio

Supertankshoot DS

Game mock-up

Tanks and level created for CGTalk Game Art Competition (which I won). Designed for the Nintendo DS, the entire scene is 4,542 tri’s, averaging 1500 quads onscreen at once, allowing for the 2,000 quads that the DS can comfortably display, the scene consists of 497kb worth of textures, mostly split up into 64* and 32* with restricted colour palletes of 8 or 16 colours (with one or two larger textures requiring lager pallettes)

tank front

Each tank consists of 250 tris with with 1×64*(with alpha) texture for the turret, 1×64* texture for the base, and a 32* texture for the tracks which have animated UVs.

tank back

An overview of the entire level


Shootin rainbows

shootin rainbows

The green castle is the base (spawn point) at one end of the map

green castle

And the red castle does the same thing at the other end of the map

red castle

A couple of shoots down the length of the level

down the level

up the level

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