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Porco Rosso DS

This is a flying/shooting game that me and a coder (Eli Curtz) are developing together. Based on the film by Hayao Miyazaki Porco Rosso it will be a homebrew multiplayer shoot-em-up. I am currently completely responsible for the art side of the development, mainly bringing Studio Ghibli’s wonderful animation to the very small screens, and specs of the DS.

so far we have a roster of four fighters (clockwise from top left) Bulkar, Ferrari, Curtis, and Porco. Each of these player models (this LOD is only seen by player) has 1×128* 1x128x64 and a 64* with 8 colour alpha, that’s 256×128 total space.

Porcos planes

Here are the LODs for each fighter aircraft, the highest is the players model, the second is the highest LOD for all the other players and the third is the distant model.
Apart from the players model (highest LOD) each fighter has one 128* map.


Windy Isles

We are also planning a co-op multiplayer mode where two players will control the Dabohaze (or another bomber), Mama Aiuto gangs plane. One will fly the other will control the gunner.


And here it is with the LODs

Dabohaze LODs

This is one “mini” level which fans of the film will recognize as The Hotel Adriano


Here are some in-game shots, these are all dumped straight off the DSs screen.

In game

Heres a video (sorry for the quality, were still working out how to get va video direct-feed) just going for a fly(note colour difference on old DS compared to above images (which are very similar to DSLites).

and some new experiments with we can do with the vertex lighting.

Dabohaze attacks by night

another video (swapped cameras but i really need to find a way to get this straight off the DS) this time with added hotel, vertex lighting, and shooting.

Another level I started work on not quite finished, based on a Art deco style Newyork, its Curtises level


Also heres some of the work I have done on the HUD



level select screen I made, players chase each other round the map then when they meet “fight on”


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