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Owen Shepherd 3d artist resume

D.O.B 30/09/1981


BTEC Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, at Hereford College of Art and Design, achieved Merit.
Ba (honors) in Art and Visual Culture (part of the Fine Art degree) at The University of the West of England, achieved 2.1.

Specific game art skills

Concepting– I have a good imagination and the skills to pre-viz them before the modeling process.
Modeling– I can create good efficient lowpoly topology, and clean highpoly meshes from hardcore modeling, subdivision or Zbrush.
Texturing– I unwrap my models so that texture space is efficiently used, and then use Photoshop to paint pixel perfect maps. I have alot of experience at baking textures (normal, diffuse and specular) from high poly meshes. I have experience at creating and using tiled textures for environments, and have developed my own workflow for creating tiling meshes with zbrush.
Material/shader setup– I have a strong traditional art and science knowledge base that helps me to setup complex shaders that mimic their realworld counterparts, I can also use the games engine to create complex and realistic special effects like sun beams and animated water effects.
Basic animation– I have experience at producing animations for scene objects such as moving platfroms, doors, and mechanical systems etc.
Art styles– I have experience art of creating a wide range of art styles, from traditional hand painted game art, to cell shaded and realistic.
Applications used– 3dsmax, Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop, and various small applications like Unwrap3d, Xnormal, etc.
Multiple platform knowledge– so far I have worked with DS, Ps2, Wii, Ps3, 360, and PC. And I have worked on projects that span platforms and generations, I understand the hardware limitations and can tailor asset creation and tech use to these platforms.


GroundZero Mod– concepted and produced a vehicle for this Doom3 Mod, modeled and textured various props.
Projetreality Mod– researched and produced 2 ROV models and their control modules for this Battlefeild 2 MOD, also produced some props (sand bags, mobile cover) and a slam mine.
Porco Rosso DS– a personal project that has seen me and a coder (Eli Curtz) create a homebrew Nintendo DS game based on the Studio Ghibli film Porco Rosso. I am responsible for the art, i.e. bringing the animation to the limited specs of the DS, as well as sharing all the design decisions with Eli.
Freelance work– (7/2006 – 11/2006)I produced four planes (2x models 4x textures) for an indie development. I also produced a selection of weapons

Studio work

Traveller’s Tales (11/2006-present day)
Transformers The Game– released 06/2007 – my role on this project was as an artist, as such I created next-gen building textures, create and place the assets for the online advertising, and build and texture props and vehicles.
The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian– released 06/2008 – My role on this project was as level artist, as such I Blocked out, got the gameplay assets such as doors, machinery, destructables working, and produced the final art work for the level. I also produced many props and incidental objects for the game. Towards the end of the development I had responsibilty for many maya scenes(levels and prop scenes), and exports used in the game and such had to bug fix and maintain them.
Guiness Book of records– due for release on 31/10/2008 – my role in this project was to produce small environments and arenas from 2d illustrator concepts for a cell shaded party game on the Wii.
title TBA– Im currently working on a next-gen title as a level artist, creating environments from blockout to highpoly sculpted assets and lighting.

Past times

I have been a keen gamer for years, from Spectrum loading screens and home made games on the Amstrad, to having my first slightly disappointed go on an Xbox 360. They have always captured my imagination with the possibilities that they could bring to life. They are the reason that I love to make 3d models, as seeing them in a controllable realtime environment is the ultimate benefit for me.
I play a wide variety of games from Super Monkey Ball to Halo, and everything in between. I enjoy the feeling of a well crafted world in which to play and explore, as such one of my all time favorites is Pilotwings for the N64. The most recent game I completed was portal, the story, characters, and atmospheric world really sucked me in!
Other recreational interests include, playing acoustic guitar, films, and falling off my BMX.
You may find me on various game and 3D forums (Polycount, CGchat, Projectreality.com, Cgsociety.com (cgtalk)) under my online alias SHEPEIRO.
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